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Botox Treatment

Botox Treatment in Hazratganj Lucknow

Botox is the name of treatment that is given to inhibit muscle movement this prevents wrinkles from developing and worsening. Botulus is the word from which Botox has been developed, it means sausage. Botox is a naturally occurring substance; it is a safe cosmetic material as it helps in stopping wrinkles and making face look younger.

Botox Treatment In Hazratganj Lucknow by Derma Klinic. The first cosmetic use of Botox was developed in USA, glebal dremal lines were treated in ophthalmology and dermatology joint project, approval by FDA made this treatment favoured by medical professionals.

Botox treatment in Hazratganj Lucknow

Botox treatment is not long it requires small length of time to get treated, Botox is injected in specific muscles by fine needles, time period required for Botox to get effective is 5 to 7 days so for benefit it is advised that people should not use alcohol in that period.

Botox Treatment In Hazratganj Lucknow by specialists at Derma Klinic. If any pain related medication and anti inflammatory one is used kindly stop it for 1 week as it is necessary for health related order. Question comes in mind how long wills the look on face remains same so for this answer is up to half an year in the run. This is the period in which Botox is effective and it results could be enjoyed; it makes appearance young and flamboyant. Botox Treatment In Hazratganj Lucknow by derma klinic.

Anti ageing treatment is also a thing that comes under Botox therapy, the drug increase elasticity in skin for a long period of time sometimes it was observed that the deepest wrinkles became less severe when Botox was used in that case.

Botox also have some properties that increases elasticity in skin to many levels , as from the fact that elasticity of skin is less as the age increases , botox helps in providing elasticity to certain levels. Botox Treatment In Hazratganj Lucknow by Derma Klinic.