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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in Hazratganj Lucknow

In the course of time hairs become scarce on scalp this can happen, few other reasons are possible too.In hair transplant surgery the scarcity of hairs on certain areas of head is fulfilled by methods of transplant. Hair transplant in Hazratganj Lucknow by Derma KlinicThe surgeon takes a patch of hair follicles from a place and applies those follicles on different area where hairs are required.

The doctor diagnoses and starts for the procedure, head is sterilized first by washing then it is injected with anesthetic this anesthetic numbs the skin of the head and makes it well prepared for further procedure. Then a patch is removed from the scalp as per requirement. Hair transplant in Hazratganj Lucknow Derma Klinic

Hair transplant in Hazratganj Lucknow

This patch is then separated and hair follicles deduced, these hair follicles are then planted on the area where it is required. Hair transplant in Hazratganj Lucknow by Derma KlinicAnother type of procedure is also used as seen fit by doctor in this procedure hair follicles are removed one at a time and then planted on the area required.

Great Results

After operation is over few pain medications are given that will give relief from pain and slight swelling, tenderness in scalp also occurs for few hours after operation. The results after wards are great and area implanted is destined to be full with hairs. New hair growth will also start after some time, and the chain will continue for long period of time Transplant of hairs is very successful with present advancement in technology this could happen easily.

Hair transplant in Hazratganj Lucknow by Derma Klinic.No side effects of transplant had occurred until now so it is safe to say a go for it. People who have done it are freely enjoying their hair growth, the confidence they achieve after gaining new hairs is really very good. Derma klinic is best clinic toachieve what had lost by the time their expertise will bring hapy days back.